Constituencies in Northern Ireland (South East)

Belfast East

ROBINSON, Peter  (Democr. Unionist)   Warmonger! *   (flier)

Belfast North

DODDS, Nigel  (Democr. Unionist)   Warmonger! *   (flier)

Belfast South

McDONNELL, Alasdair  (SDLP)   No advice  

Belfast West

ADAMS, Gerry  (Sinn Fein)   no advice *  

Down North

HERMON, Sylvia  (Ulster Unionist)   Warmonger! *   (flier)

Down South

McGRADY, Edward  (SDLP)   OK *  

Lagan Valley

DONALDSON, Jeffrey  (Democr. Unionist)   Warmonger! *   (flier)


ROBINSON, Iris  (Democr. Unionist)   Warmonger! *   (flier)

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*NB  The MPs' voting records are as recorded in Hansard;   the constituency recommendations are the authors' own.
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