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In spring 2003 parliament had two debates, and votes, on invading Iraq.
Each main vote was preceded by a vote on a "rebel" amendment, opposing war.

These followed the million+ march on February 15, and took place on February 26 and March 18.
This site presents the voting record of every sitting MP, in all four of the 'Divisions'.

BBC news
  Parliamentary votes on 26 February 2003  (50k)
  Parliamentary votes on 18 March 2003   (62k)

 26 February 2003   Proceedings   Summary   (25k)
  Debate (Hansard)   Index   (66k)
  Text   (c.25k x38)
  Vote on the 'Rebel' Amendment    (28k)
  Vote on the Government Motion   (23k)
 18 March 2003   Proceedings   Summary   (28k)
  Debate (Hansard)   Index   (71k)
  Text   (29k...)
  Vote on the 'Rebel' Amendment   (total on previous page)   23k (& 19k)
  Vote on the Government Motion  (total on previous page)   24k (& 23k)
  (for Divisions 117 & 118, the MPs' names are on one page,
   the counts of the votes are at the bottom of the one before.)

Stop the War Coalition
  MPs voting against war 26 February 2003  (14k)
  MPs voting against war 18 March 2003   (13k)

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(This was the primary reference for linking MPs and their Constituencies.) (27k)
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