It somehow doesn't seem real that Britain, with the USA, has invaded and is occupying another country.  In defiance of the British people,
world opinion, the United Nations and all the religious leaders, our Government embarked on an enterprise which has resulted in the killing of
over 100,000
people, 1,600 British and US soldiers and the injury of countless thousands more - with many more to come.  But it's all too true.

Iraq had weapons of
mass destruction.
They had no WMD.  (Strangely, the USA and the UK happen to.)
Iraq was a real and
present threat.
There was no evidence of any intent to attack Britain, with or without such weapons.
Saddam Hussein abused
human rights.
Both the British and American armies have been found to have been torturing prisoners.
British security services have been implicated in the abuses at Guantanamo Bay.
Britain is now the subject of a damning report by the International Committee of the Red Cross.
They would 'minimise'
civilian casualties.
They have used cluster bombs, which are illegal, not effective against military targets, and have left thousands of unexploded 'bomblets'. 
These in effect become land mines:  the very weapons against which the late Princess Diana campaigned so fervently.  They have also
used 'depleted' uranium tipped bombs, the radioactivity from which causes cancer and birth defects, for generations to come.
It would be over
in 4 or 5 days.
Two years later...
America said it wanted
regime change in Iraq.
No matter how evil a dictator, deposition by military invasion, without United Nations authority, is against
international law:  the very kind of law they claimed Saddam Hussein had dared to defy.
The Secretary General of the UN has now declared the invasion illegal.
Saddam Hussein gassed
5,000 people in Halabja.
Britain, France and the USA supplied the gas, delivery system, and consultancy on the most effective deployment
of the poison.
There was 'Resistance'
in Fallujah.
Last November, the military launched a devastating assault on the city.  The aid agencies weren't allowed in.
An estimated 6,000 people were slaughtered there alone.

We are neither promoting nor supporting any candidate or party.  We simply want the removal from office of every MP who voted for war.
Did you support us on 15 February 2003, trying to "Stop the War" on Iraq?  Before you vote, stop and think, "Am I voting for a Warmonger?"
We implore you to choose from among the other candidates, based on the other issues, as you feel.
Remember - the eyes of the world are on us.
To look up the war voting record of any MP, see