Relevant notes, but 'archived' to save space on the main page.

2009/07/25: Includes the July 2009 (Norwich North) by-election result.
2009/03/15: Includes the November 2008 (Glenrothes) by-election result.
2008/07/29: Includes the July 2008 (Glasgow East) by-election result.
2008/07/07: Includes the June 2008 (Henley) by-election result.
2008/05/29: Includes the May 2008 (Crewe & Nantwich) by-election result.
2007/07/25: Updated with the 2005 election results.
2007/07/20: The new Scottish constituencies have now been incorporated.
2005/04/23: For a developing list of ANTI-WAR, and sitting candidates in each constituency, see
(Beware: the files are large (215kB);  slow to download for those of us with 33k modems!)   (Sorry, this site has now been taken down.)
2005/04/21: The BBC has an extensive, detailed & authoritative... (whoops, sorry, that was the kind of evidence the PM had for Iraq's WMD.)
The BBC has an impressive and comprehensive list of ALL candidates (29kB).
(This page now contains the results.)
2005/04/08: The national Stop the War Coalition has a page of MPs' votes, which is a sub-set of the data on this site.
2005/03/28: These lists show the old Scottish constituencies. Please use them to check the voting record of anyone standing for re-election in one of the new constituencies.
2005/03/21: We have written to and phoned both MPs' offices, explaining our data sources; but had no response from either.
 In the absence of evidence to the contrary, we are standing by this analysis.
2005/03/09: A couple of MPs have contacted us, claiming their voting record has been wrongly represented.